The Catty Corner


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is Technology Really Making Our Lives Less Stressful?

Ahh, the good old days. Remember when you could leave the house and not worry about carrying your life with you? You could get in the car and go where ever you were going without wondering who was calling you, (unless you were single and dateless and it was Saturday night). Now, we leave the house equipped with technological artillery. We watch who's emailing us, who's texting us, who's calling us. We email, call and text others. We can't go to the mall or eat at our favorite restaurants without our phones beeping or ringing. Do we ignore the call and go on with our meal, enjoying our food and the people we're out with? Nope, chances are we pick up the phone and talk to whoever it is for a few minutes, not caring about how rude we're being to our friends. On the same token, as soon as you pick up the phone, your lunch chums usually do the same. It's become a vicious cycle. Whatever happened to worrying about messages when we got home? Remember when you knew someones phone number by heart? I can still remember the phone number I grew up with. Ask me what my best friend's number is now and I couldn't tell you. Dad's number? No idea. Sister's number? I'm clueless. Did you ever break your cell phone and panic because you had no idea what the numbers stored in them were? I've done that several times. Now I keep a written record and a good thing too. I dropped and broke my phone a few months ago and luckily had my list to reprogram my new phone. What if you leave the house and forget your phone and need someone's phone number? Even if you know the number, where do you find a pay phone nowadays? They used to be on every corner. Now, I can't remember when's the last time I saw one. Do they even exist anymore? We can't work without feeling a compulsion to sneak and check our personal emails. We risk our jobs to see how our bid is doing on Ebay, or surf Amazon. To add to the drama of it all, we no longer just worrying about losing our wallet when we go out. We have to worry about hackers slinking into our computers and getting to us that way. We have spam blockers, firewalls and anti virus software, that we hope can keep up with the villains. Think about all the stuff on your computer. I had a near heart attack after my computer got infected by a virus and shut it down. Luckily the tech was able to retrieve my data and put it on my new box. I used to keep all of my important things in files. Now, most of my important stuff is on the computer and I roll the dice every time I shut off my PC, praying that it will come back on when I press the button in the morning. Perhaps instead of making our lives less stressful, its just caused a new type of stress. I guess instead of Generation X, we are now Generation G, for gadgets. Are we better off? Maybe in some respects but, overall, I'm thinking no. Check out my website at and tell me everything!