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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Drama Continues on Project Runway

Last night on Project Runway, the challenge was to create an outfit for a Jetsetter. The outfit was to be able to wear well on the plane and look great when said jet setter arrived at their destination. It should be comfy and not wrinkle. The twist was that the contestants had to design the outfit for themselves. They were given $75.00 and 1 day to design the outfit, buy the materials and complete the garment. I figured this will be a piece of cake for them. Surely the easiest person for them to create for would be themselves, right? Wrong. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Allison, who had previously designed a gorgeous outfit that was displayed in Macy’s Window, sat staring at a blank pad, not knowing what to do. She said she lived in rural Ohio and didn’t know what jet setters wore. She created a colorful outfit that wasn’t bad looking but was a mass of wrinkles. The judges were not pleased. Kayne, who has also won a challenge and can create beautiful designs, went into Las Vegas mode and created an outfit that Elvis would have loved, but the judges did not. One judge actually laughed out loud. Uli created a gorgeous long dress with vibrant colors, meant to be for a person who flies from one tropical place to another. I would have loved to own it. Alas, the judges thought it was nice, but weren’t impressed. Vincent was initially stumped. He’d never sewn for a man before. This was very surprising to me. I would have thought that most beginning designers would have started by designing for themselves. He performed admirably and made an outfit that looked attractive, basic V-neck jersey and matching pants. I thought he exuded casual rich. The judges thought it was OK, but wanted something more daring. Here is where I got annoyed. The challenge was for the designers to create an outfit for themselves that they could travel in. To me that means, they should be allowed to wear clothes that makes them feel comfortable and expresses their own personalities, not create an outfit for someone else and just wear it themselves, but I digress. Laura gets mad props from me for being pregnant with her 7th child and still competing and staying at the top of the list. She created a dress that was worthy of the Hollywood red carpet. Moving onto the ultra hot Michael Knight, he created a gorgeous white casual outfit in the hip hop genre of clothing. He looked super cool and the judges agree. Next up we have my nemesis, Jeffrey Sebelia. Jeffrey spent much of the show continuing his diatribe on Ashley’s mother. He has absolutely no respect for anyone on earth on otherwise. He made a comment that God was in his life and was great that day, not drunk when He assigned him Ashley’s mother. I’ll comment some more on that later. Jeffrey looks like a rock star wannabe and designed his outfit accordingly. All black with silver chains, granted it did represent his dark personality. At the end of the show, Angela got the boot. She seemed like a nice person but I felt that she should have been eliminated, not just because she can’t think outside of her own fashion box, but because she did not defend her mom. Last night, she allowed Jeffrey to emotionally pummel her and she just took it. If you can’t stand up to a coworker and defend the honor of your mother, you will be toast in the cut throat fashion world. Jeffrey and Michael ended up competing for the win. The symbolism here was huge. The sterling character Michael, all in white and a hell’s minion, Jeffrey, all in black. Sadly, Jeffrey won. It was at this point that Jeffrey made his comments about God. With his attitude, I think Jeffrey needs to look down to see from whence his help comes.
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