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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Drama Continues on Project Runway

Last night on Project Runway, the challenge was to create an outfit for a Jetsetter. The outfit was to be able to wear well on the plane and look great when said jet setter arrived at their destination. It should be comfy and not wrinkle. The twist was that the contestants had to design the outfit for themselves. They were given $75.00 and 1 day to design the outfit, buy the materials and complete the garment. I figured this will be a piece of cake for them. Surely the easiest person for them to create for would be themselves, right? Wrong. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Allison, who had previously designed a gorgeous outfit that was displayed in Macy’s Window, sat staring at a blank pad, not knowing what to do. She said she lived in rural Ohio and didn’t know what jet setters wore. She created a colorful outfit that wasn’t bad looking but was a mass of wrinkles. The judges were not pleased. Kayne, who has also won a challenge and can create beautiful designs, went into Las Vegas mode and created an outfit that Elvis would have loved, but the judges did not. One judge actually laughed out loud. Uli created a gorgeous long dress with vibrant colors, meant to be for a person who flies from one tropical place to another. I would have loved to own it. Alas, the judges thought it was nice, but weren’t impressed. Vincent was initially stumped. He’d never sewn for a man before. This was very surprising to me. I would have thought that most beginning designers would have started by designing for themselves. He performed admirably and made an outfit that looked attractive, basic V-neck jersey and matching pants. I thought he exuded casual rich. The judges thought it was OK, but wanted something more daring. Here is where I got annoyed. The challenge was for the designers to create an outfit for themselves that they could travel in. To me that means, they should be allowed to wear clothes that makes them feel comfortable and expresses their own personalities, not create an outfit for someone else and just wear it themselves, but I digress. Laura gets mad props from me for being pregnant with her 7th child and still competing and staying at the top of the list. She created a dress that was worthy of the Hollywood red carpet. Moving onto the ultra hot Michael Knight, he created a gorgeous white casual outfit in the hip hop genre of clothing. He looked super cool and the judges agree. Next up we have my nemesis, Jeffrey Sebelia. Jeffrey spent much of the show continuing his diatribe on Ashley’s mother. He has absolutely no respect for anyone on earth on otherwise. He made a comment that God was in his life and was great that day, not drunk when He assigned him Ashley’s mother. I’ll comment some more on that later. Jeffrey looks like a rock star wannabe and designed his outfit accordingly. All black with silver chains, granted it did represent his dark personality. At the end of the show, Angela got the boot. She seemed like a nice person but I felt that she should have been eliminated, not just because she can’t think outside of her own fashion box, but because she did not defend her mom. Last night, she allowed Jeffrey to emotionally pummel her and she just took it. If you can’t stand up to a coworker and defend the honor of your mother, you will be toast in the cut throat fashion world. Jeffrey and Michael ended up competing for the win. The symbolism here was huge. The sterling character Michael, all in white and a hell’s minion, Jeffrey, all in black. Sadly, Jeffrey won. It was at this point that Jeffrey made his comments about God. With his attitude, I think Jeffrey needs to look down to see from whence his help comes.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is an Ipod a Girl's Best Friend?
This article is about how today's chicks prefer new gadgets like iPods and plasma TVs to diamonds. OK, maybe I'm old fashioned, (or maybe just old), but I would much rather have my beau present me with gems rather than gizmos. "The Girls Gone Wired survey by women's cable television channel Oxygen Network found that 77 percent of women surveyed would prefer a new plasma television to a diamond solitaire necklace and 56 percent would opt for a new plasma TV over a weekend vacation in Florida". OK ladies, time for a course in remedial materialism. I know its nice to have all the latest gadgets. Hey, I like them too, but they just don't look as nice hanging around your neck. Plus, technology changes so rapidly, it will be outmoded before you can blink. Let's also point out that they don't appreciate in value. So, let's rethink this. A diamond on the finger is worth 5 new fangled gadgets in the purse, any day of the week. Check out my website at and tell me everything!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is Coca Cola a Way of Life?

Coca Cola is relaunching its website, They are launching a campaign called, The Coke Side of Life. They allow how Coke has influenced us from art to entertainment and has actually become a lifestyle. The site will be offering bi weekly contests, allowing the public to play a creative role in Coke's evolution. Admittedly, Coke is a favorite of mine. I used to love getting one as a child, when they still came in glass bottles and guzzling it down on a hot summer day. I don't know if I can say that they have had a significant effect on my life, but they are a big part of my memories. Barbecues, parties, hanging out with my friends, usually included a coke in my hand. Even now, I feel it's mandatory to have one, when eating Chinese food or Pizza. So, though I can't say I feel it's a way of life, I can say that it's been a big part of my life and that it remains a great drink. Check out my website at and tell me everything!

Is Technology Really Making Our Lives Less Stressful?

Ahh, the good old days. Remember when you could leave the house and not worry about carrying your life with you? You could get in the car and go where ever you were going without wondering who was calling you, (unless you were single and dateless and it was Saturday night). Now, we leave the house equipped with technological artillery. We watch who's emailing us, who's texting us, who's calling us. We email, call and text others. We can't go to the mall or eat at our favorite restaurants without our phones beeping or ringing. Do we ignore the call and go on with our meal, enjoying our food and the people we're out with? Nope, chances are we pick up the phone and talk to whoever it is for a few minutes, not caring about how rude we're being to our friends. On the same token, as soon as you pick up the phone, your lunch chums usually do the same. It's become a vicious cycle. Whatever happened to worrying about messages when we got home? Remember when you knew someones phone number by heart? I can still remember the phone number I grew up with. Ask me what my best friend's number is now and I couldn't tell you. Dad's number? No idea. Sister's number? I'm clueless. Did you ever break your cell phone and panic because you had no idea what the numbers stored in them were? I've done that several times. Now I keep a written record and a good thing too. I dropped and broke my phone a few months ago and luckily had my list to reprogram my new phone. What if you leave the house and forget your phone and need someone's phone number? Even if you know the number, where do you find a pay phone nowadays? They used to be on every corner. Now, I can't remember when's the last time I saw one. Do they even exist anymore? We can't work without feeling a compulsion to sneak and check our personal emails. We risk our jobs to see how our bid is doing on Ebay, or surf Amazon. To add to the drama of it all, we no longer just worrying about losing our wallet when we go out. We have to worry about hackers slinking into our computers and getting to us that way. We have spam blockers, firewalls and anti virus software, that we hope can keep up with the villains. Think about all the stuff on your computer. I had a near heart attack after my computer got infected by a virus and shut it down. Luckily the tech was able to retrieve my data and put it on my new box. I used to keep all of my important things in files. Now, most of my important stuff is on the computer and I roll the dice every time I shut off my PC, praying that it will come back on when I press the button in the morning. Perhaps instead of making our lives less stressful, its just caused a new type of stress. I guess instead of Generation X, we are now Generation G, for gadgets. Are we better off? Maybe in some respects but, overall, I'm thinking no. Check out my website at and tell me everything!

Ethical Hacking Degree?????

Well, it's finally been confirmed, the world has gone mad. I read an article in TechNewsWorld, about a university in Britain handing out hacking degrees. I don't know how long this article will be up, so read it quickly, "The "ethical hacker" course at Dundee, (Scotland)'s Abertay University will teach students how to find passwords and log-ins and bring down systems"
Ethical hacking degrees? According to the article, the course is being offered to teach people to out hack the hackers. They promise to carefully monitor the students. Right. What are they going to do? Implant a device that sets off an alarm if a student decides to hack into a system? Perhaps they should consider other needed courses, like, "Bank Robbing 101", or, "Proven Techniques For Embezzling Funds". Naturally I recognize the need for a computer crimes SWAT team, but this course should only be given to those already in the law enforcement field. Granted, those in police agencies can always turn to the "dark side", but it's less likely. Who's to say that the graduates of this ludicrous course aren't going to take their knowledge to the web and wreak havoc? I hope this university is ready for the lawsuits from those who will be victimized by their students. Better yet, perhaps one of their alumni will hack into their system. Now that would be poetic justice. Check out my website at and tell me everything!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

America's Next Top Model: May the Toughest Chick Win

I've been a big fan of America's Next Top Model, ever since the first episode. I find it fascinating in many respects. The first of which is how hard it is to be model. I, like everyone else, have watched models in commercials and it really doesn't seem like much work. Guess again. Forget about smiling and looking sexy. Modeling is about transformation. Learning to be a chameleon. When I first tuned in, I was shocked at the selection process. These weren't the high school homecoming queens. The girls that were selected looked like you or me. OK, I'm 25 years older 50 pounds heavier, but I still turn a head or two, but I digress. Anyway, these girls were pretty ordinary looking. The judges, looked past the obvious beauties and chose girls that might have nothing more going for them than an interesting gap in their teeth. The main criteria was confidence and attitude. After seeing what these girls go through, I can see why these are absolutely mandatory qualities to have. You have to be tough to face the constant criticism and pressure they are under. You might walk in with long, flowing tresses, just to have them shave your head. You get to be dressed as a mermaid while draped in dead fish and dripping nets. If that's not enough fun, you get to dangle upside down over what is surely not a pleasant smelling, fish vendor channel of water, swallowing bile but smiling prettily. One girl had to be rushed to the hospital, suffering from dehydration, food poisoning and exhaustion. Still, she checked herself out of the hospital, determined to prevail and win this all important contest. Despite her illness, she took a great picture and was lauded by the judges for ignoring the chance of dying and performing like a champ. So, be assured, this is not a contest of beauty. It's a contest of wills and may the toughest chick win. By the way, check out my webpage, and tell me everything!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Depression and Magic Pills

When I finally get to sit down in front of the television at night, all I want to do is relax and forget about the stresses of the day. I don't want to think about the bills that I'm struggling to pay, the oil leak in my car that I can't afford to fix. I want to leave thoughts of my hated job at work and settle in for a little tube induced relaxation. Instead, I'm inundated with commercials about being depressed, how depression hurts, and how all that can be fixed with a pill. They use people in the commercials that mimic what any of us might do at one time or another. Gazing forlornly out the window, sitting quietly at the dinner table, not feeling like walking the dog. Then, suddenly, the characters pop a pill, the sun comes out again, they walk the dog and go hang out with friends. These commercials give antidepressants an almost magical illusion. Take this pill and live again. Now don't get me wrong. There are legitimate, clinically depressed people out there and these people need help. They have true chemical imbalances. However, suddenly, all my friends are on antidepressants. These are people that have the same issues that we all have. They are caused by external situations, not a chemical imbalance and a pill isn't going to help. Oh sure, you'll feel better when you take it, but, guess what? The problem causing the depression is still there. I think the pills are adding to the problems, because now you can add drug addiction to whatever else ails you. We would be better served to see commercials on stress reducing techniques. Yoga, working out, breathing methods. All tried and true ways to relax. Counseling is another option, talking about your problems and coming to understand the causes. If you understand a problem, it's easier to solve it. Climbing the stairs to good mental health may not be easy, but with effort, you can find the light switch, turn on the light so you can see the stairs and climb up and out of the dark. It's a far cry better than staying tethered in the dark with just the illusion of light, in the form of a pill. By the way, check out my website, and tell me everything!